2019 Season Ticket + Jersey

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All season ticket holders will have their name included on a list/graphic printed on our 2019 jersey UNLESS they don't want to (In this case, add a note to your order).

Out of town but want your name on the shirt? Choose the option and we'll donate your ticket to Journey's End Refugee Services, West Side International Soccer, Algonquin Sports For Kids, Jericho Road Community Health Center, or other fine organizations.

Package assumes a minimum of six (6) league home matches in the Spring and Summer of 2018. Season ticket holders also get free admission to most friendlies, and discounted admission/first access to any extraordinary matches.

Season ticket cards will ship in November.

*Our 2019 jersey is unique to adidas' catalog and will not be shipped for 12-14 weeks from our on-sale date of Nov. 18.